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Vworker is a very good work online market on the internet which was previously known as Rentacoder. A plenty of work online projects are posted on Vworker every day. If you have joined rentacoder earlier then you can use your same account to login on Vworker. Since Exhedra has recently switched to Vworker from Rentacoder; the Vworker Google pagerank is only 3 and it confuses many people who wish to join Vworker. Google Pagerank is now beginning to affect website audience as whenever we visit a website, if it has a high Google pagerank then we consider it as a legit website. Apparently, a website with a low Google pagerank is considered to be less authenticated and most people take it as a scam. I think rentacoder name change should have a significant but temporary effect on its traffic. I am writing this review only to make it clear that Vworker is actually Rentacoder so no one should worry about it being a scam.
Vworker is Legit: I, myself, have worked on Vworker as a freelance website developer but at that time it was known as Rentacoder. I was earning enough from Vworker to cover my personal expenses and I could even give some money to my parents. Later I switched and have become a full time webmaster. It is definitely not a scam so If you have some computer skills like web designing, web development, graphic designing, photo retouching, video editing or virtually any skill then Vworker is a good starting place for you. You can even get data entry jobs if you don’t have too many computer skills. Vworker offers four payments methods. Paypal, Western Union, Payoneer and Snail Mail Check.
Freelancer vs Vworker, Which one is better? Freelancer is a good website to find online work but Vworker is a much better freelance market place. I have worked on Vworker and Freelancer both and I can comfortably say Vworker is a better option for freelancers from every point of view.
UPDATE: Vworker is acquired by Freelancer so Click Join Here to Freelancer instead.
I have maintained a $4000 income per month in average on Vworker which shows how consistent the projects flow is. Now lets get back to the main point which is Vworker. Vworker Affilitate: Vworker also offers an affiliate program which they claim to be a well paid system. It is free to join their affiliate program and they offer you some percentage of the profit they earn from the person referred by you. However they will only give you your share once the project is completed and accepted by both the buyer and the seller so the there is no chance of fraud. Good news is, they started to pay you live time resedual income for every person you refer to Vworker which is very good. Vworker also offer a super affiliate program to those affiliates who have earned over $1000 and and Ultra affiliate program for those who earn more than $10000. I am going to give it a try and will post an article specifically for Vworker affiliate system. Vworker Fees: Joining and bidding is free for the workers however once you complete a project, Vworker will charge you 6.5 percent to 15 percent of the final bid or $3 whichever is greater. The fee percentage is dependent upon services included within the project; you should probably see their updated fee schedule for accurate info. There are no fees for employers the fees are cut from workers final bid amount. On Vworker, they have setup a bonus system as well using which a project owner can issue bonuses to his worker if he is very happy from the work done so it is probably a good news for those who take online work seriously and put great efforts in making their clients happy. Vworker alternatives: There are a plenty of Vworker like websites out there. Vworker competitors include Elance, Getafreelancer (which is now known as Freelancer), Scriptlance and Guru. Odesk is also a very good Vworker alternative but I haven’t given it a try yet. Beware of various freelance scam websites out there and verify their legitimacy or at least read their review before joining them. UPDATE: Vworker is acquired by Freelancer so Click Here to Join Freelancer instead.
Alternatly you can Join Fiverr as well which is also an authentic and self tested website to find work. Click here to Join Fiverr
12 Comments for "Vworker Previously Known as Rentacoder"
Tim Machinson2010-10-01 02:47:13

I know you've covered this, and I agree with you, but I hate that some people think VWorker is a "scam" because it's really competitive. It's silly. Freelancing is a competitive business where practically anyone, anywhere, can compete with you--you have to prove your better if you want to demand more money. The site does exactly what it should--arbitrate disputes fairly and give guidance to both freelancers and employers.

Olivier2010-10-17 12:19:36

I got very bad experiences with vworker ( ex rentacoder). I hope finding another company which is respecting their own customers !

Markis2011-02-22 08:26:56

Lerie Taylor, you lost credibility when you started attacking Ian. Just spurting off comments like "website is shotty at best and full of security holes and general programming errors." without giving examples makes us think the whole thing is about revenge because you messed up on a FEW arbitrations. You don't get your account removed unless you have done a bad job on MULTIPLE projects.

I have used them for over 100 projects and love them. They are very fair!

Yes, they have non-technical people AS WELL AS technical people who deal with arbitrations. MANY arbitrations are completed WITHOUT the need of a technical person, I know - I have gone through a few myself. If they find themselves over their head, then they call in the big guns. Same thing when you call a company for technical support. Your first line is NEVER your best technical people.

If you have REAL complaints then give EXACT details, otherwise quit complaining because you don't know how to follow the rules and bid on projects you can't handle. I was a programmer for MANY years - so I have been on BOTH sides of the fence.

"" is a great place to use.

Ian Ippolito2011-02-23 18:20:35


I'm Ian Ippolito from vWorker.

I extended an offer to you as a comment on your website about us. But you are not allowing it to be posted (why would you do this, if you are interested in being open and fair?) As such, I am extending it again here, where they won't block my postings.


If we truly made a mistake on your arbitration then we will correct it, and I will also publicly apologize to you for any and all mistakes here on this forum.

On the other hand, if you fairly lost the arbitration and this is a case of you deliberately spreading misleading or incorrect information (for whatever reason), then we cannot, in good conscience, change the result of your arbitration, because it would be unfair to the other party who legitimately won it.

To begin the process, please tell me your screen name or the project Id. We will then begin by publishing every detail of your project, the work you did on it and the arbitration publicly to this board (and the entire internet) so this can be discussed transparently and openly.

Ian Ippolito

Ian Ippolito2011-02-23 18:26:27


The Threatmetrix software we use on vWorker to combat fraud, is able to distinguish between two different users in working in a library. And it clearly showed that you were the same person on both accounts. Even without that software it was obvious as other key fields on your accounts (as well as the way you bid on both of them) were exactly the same.

Please understand that when you create a duplicate account you are committing a fraud not just against us, but against all the other sites users. You had a bad record on another account and then closed it and opened a new one to try to hide it. When you did that, employers hired you under false pretenses. It is no different than lying on a resume. It's not fair to the employer because had they know the truth they probably would not have hired you.

Also it's unfair to the good workers on the site. By creating that fradulent second account, you stole business from them, that they would have gotten, had you not commited that action.

This is why we have rules against that behavior.

Ian Ippolito

Mike2011-01-03 19:30:54

Even though you have been burned, Vikram, I don't quite think that it's appropriate to typecast "every" freelancer in that way, nor to associate an entire web-site with "one bad lemon." Whether you are hiring someone to fix your website or to fix your leaky faucet, you need to check references carefully and supervise the entire project prudently. In any form of endeavor, there will always be "shysters," and there will also always be diligent professionals.

Vikram Kumar2010-12-26 06:21:41 gives a bad name to the tonnes of other honest online services out there. They essentially stole my money and their employees defile the very meaning of customer service. Read about what they did to me at


Lerie Taylor2011-01-26 10:11:32

This website does not monitor it’s bids properly and let’s users sell Publicly Licensed software as their own (open sourced software). My account was removed after Michelle decided I was not a quote “good programmer”.

This website will terminate your account without notice and without paying out the money owed. I worked for over a year on projects for people before they told me “I was found to have multiple accounts on the website”. I guess that would happen since most of the time I used a college library to do this work.

I have already tried to contact them about illegally/pirated software being traded/sold on their website, they do not care.

They assign people who have no clue how computers or networks operate to judge project that deal with computers and networks.

Ian (the owner) is said to be a programmer yet his website is shotty at best and full of security holes and general programming errors.


Brian2011-02-26 03:01:35

I worked on Rentacoder in 2001 and later in 2003 and 2008. All small projects (<100 USD) for many different clients. When there was a problem I was always able to work it out with the client myself. These days I use the site as an employer and you just have to find good workers and be a good employer. In all those years I made a little bit of money from the site and spend it now on things I need to get done.

The main thing, and that goes for all venues in life, depends on your own attitude and expectations up front. If things go wrong much what follows depends on your own reaction and that's a choice.

Take care

Ashley O'Dell2011-04-10 10:08:54 Lerie Taylor (a.k.a sunjester from San Diego, California),

Several weeks have passed and you did not respond to the previous offer to review your arbitration. Despite your lack of response, I wanted to make sure there wasn’t a problem we needed to correct with our arbitration process. So I did some research and was able to find your anyway.

When I did, I found that many things that you publicly presented did not actually match up with what happened. The most important is why your account was terminated. You chose to close your account while you still had several projects in arbitration. Per the Worker Agreement, workers who close their account while in arbitration will forfeit any ongoing and/or future arbitrations. As a result, you were forfeited from these arbitrations (,, and received poor ratings for closing your account. You then created duplicate accounts in order to continue working on the site, which is considered a violation of your Worker Agreement. Therefore, any additional accounts that were located were also closed.

Lerie Taylor, your contract states that if you post inaccurate information about the arbitration in public, we have the right to discuss it transparently and openly by making the arbitration public (as well as all the details of the project). To protect the other party’s interests in this matter: we already contacted them and have removed any confidential information (passwords, intellectual property, etc).

We sincerely request that you not post inaccurate information about what happened to you in this arbitration in the future.

Ashley O'Dell

Manisha2011-05-18 18:07:24

I agree with Brian. The site has been good to me. I think it all comes down to the fact that you cannot just outsource your project to the coder and expect that it will be taken care of a 100%. For the coder: it is just another project but for you it YOUR project. You need to manage your project especially until you find a good coder on whom you can rely.


Kimberly2011-10-11 07:31:37

vWorker is the worst site I have ever dealt with. I have spoken to a few of their reps on the phone (Ashley, Mike, Tina) and find them to be arrogant and self-important. I have spoken and emailed with Ian a few times and finally know that the arrogance starts with him and spreads down to his employees. This site is not worth my time (or anyone else's IMHO) and I am SO glad there are other virtual worker sites out there. The other ones I've dealt with have not displayed the arrogance that seeps from the pores of vworker's employees and owner.

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