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It is a piece of cake for a good Photoshop designer to earn a reasonable income by working online. Adobe Photoshop is now being used in almost every kind of designing work. Especially, commercial website templates are first designed in Adobe Photoshop and then converted to HTML. So if you are a Photoshop designer and you have internet access as well then don’t worry about the work, you will find tons of work online. It is like you are standing in front of money, all you need to do is to grab it. Many offshore websites are available and people like me are using them as their primary source of income. Even some companies are living entirely on this offshore work online model.
If you join Freelancer and you are expert in Adobe Photoshop then there is no reason that you cannot earn a reasonable monthly income. Believe me, its one of the most reputable freelance websites out there where you can really earn a lot of money only if you stay calm and professional. First project is often a little difficult to get due to lack of a good feedback. You may not get it within your first few bids but keep bidding, you will get one awarded to you soon. Once a project is awarded to you and you complete it, project owner will be able to give you a feedback. If you have done the project in a good way, you will get a good feedback and due to this good feedback, you will easily get your next project. While biding on designing jobs, stay honest because you can create account only once and if you are banned, you won’t be able to create another Freelancer account to work online. I personally had a really good experience with Freelancer. Here is the links
Click here to Join Freelancer & Start Earning Money
Here I am listing another website which is a great resource for online work. You can offer your photoshop designing skills on this website and earn a good livelihood. Upon the completion of the work, the money is transferred to the designers account.
Click here to Join Fiverr to Work Online
Both of the above websites are free to register, you will only have to pay a percentage of your earnings from the projects you do. I have personally tested both websites so they are authentic and guaranteed to work.
If you are a graphics designer and have a creative mind then you can adopt another field other than web development; It is called Logo designing. You can easily get somewhere near $100 for every logo you design. To find logo related work, again you can try the above-mentioned websites. When I started logo designing work, I charged $40 to $100 per logo but now I charge $250 or more per logo. That is because I have a big portfolio. You can also start from low bids but once you got a strong portfolio, you can charge higher. Logo and corporate identity are same things with two different names. So, if you find a work online project for corporate identity then consider it as a logo project. Some logo designing projects include designing of business cards and pamphlets within them, this means extra income for you. I think for an Adobe Photoshop designer, the possibilities of finding online work are almost unlimited. I love Photoshop :)
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Jin2010-01-20 14:34:04

I work with photoshop online and earn some pocket money. However I think it such income source can only be used as secondary source of income.

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